Android Enterprise Mobility

FieldX uses Android Enterprise features to provide security for the devices. We support military grade secure Knox platform for Samsung Devices only. FieldX can be deployed on both corporate or employee owned devices

LineageOS Integration

LineageOS is one of the most popular Custom OS for Android with their aim to keep your old devices up-to-date. We have integrated FieldX with LineageOS to bring device management capabilities to the OS.

GrapheneOS Integration

GrapheneOS is a security and privacy focused Android OS. At FieldX we encourge the efforts and do support them by tailoring our platform to support GrapheneOS. Privacy + Security + Management all in one bundle

Android TV Boxes

AndroidTV does not officially support Device management features. However, in order to overcome this shortcoming, FieldX supports many AndroidTV boxes running on Amlogic or Rockchip chipsets.

Android VR Devices

Virtual Reality (VR) devices when used in Business scenario demands more control and security. FieldX has proven history of securing Android VR headsets by providing restricted access for the devices including Kiosk mode.

Android+IoT Devices

Android is touted to become a goto platform for creating many IoT devices. We have integrated FieldX on many embedded chipsets like NXP (AndroidThings), Boardcon Android SBCs, Android Auto, Android based Mirrors and many more