FieldX is architected by Android firmware engineers
with useful features and intuitive interface

Ultimate Device Control

Control every aspect of device remotely using our remote screen view and the powerful fieldx Shell. If you love using ADB shell then you would enjoy this more.

Device Provisioning

FieldX supports QR code provisioning mechanism to quickly help IT admins setup the device without hassle. The android client can also be pre-installed and shipped along with Custom OS.

Apps Management

Control apps usage on the device. Ensure that device has access to only those apps that you want. The IPC-based integration lets other authorized apps send control commands to FieldX client locally within device.

Custom App Store

Customers can self-curate their own App Store. The store can be managed through our Web Portal

Kiosk Plugin

FieldX provides a separate kiosk plugin which can be used to control apps usage on the device. Kiosk allows either single or multiple apps to be used as decided by the Admin

Firmware Updates

Provide timely updates to your homegrown customized devices with few clicks. Incremental or Full firmware updates supported backed by CDN

Insta Actions

Send instant actions like Wipe, Launch apps, Kiosk mode, etc to device real-time control of the device. FieldX Supports more than 20 useful actions for devices

Policies & Restrictions

Deploy and relax, we will keep devices under control based on your automated restrictions.

VPN Integration

FieldX supports AlwaysON VPN integration and locks down network usage if VPN disconnects. We also provide a customized Wireguard VPN app on-demand

Headless Devices

Android is gaining popularity in headless Devices. FieldX plays amazingly well for such devices.

Backend API Integration

FieldX provides APIs and access tokens for integration with backend. The RESTful APIs helps integration easier and faster.

No Google, No worries

FieldX doesn't rely on Google Play Services or Firebase Cloud Messaging for it's working. So you can safely use for devices that has No Google apps.


  • More than 100+ device parameters
  • Device grouping
  • Geofencing: Restrict device usage to a Geography
  • Block & Unblock Devices anytime
  • Remote Actions: Factory Reset, Ring Device, Buzz Device, Send Message

FieldX Console

FieldX Console provides greater flexibility of using the overall systems for large scale deployments